Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hand embroidered turquoise on brown cotton belt

This idea came to me about a year ago and until now waited for it's incarnation. I didn't want to sew embroidery ribbon on belt, and I could not find belt for embroidery! It's a problem indeed!

But some day I accidentally find exactly the belt I needed, and soon there was picture of future creation in my had. Some more time was spent to change the pattern I wish according to specifics of belt's weave. It's not count fabric, it's weaving! And more than I expected time was spent to embroidery because my little son don't want his mum to do some without his participation!

So, this cotton brown (chocolate) belt is hand-embroidered with turquoise thread. On the back side the belt is brown without any sign of embroidery. This belt will dress up any pair of jeans.

And there will be more soon...

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