Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cute anchors - for sailor lovers

I have two friends who are sailors. One went to the sea eight month ago, he is a professional mechanic on huge ship. We miss him very much.
But this story about another friend of our family. He is natural born sailor. Recently he made over 120 km on the small sailing catamaran. Once 9 years ago we went sailing with him and his students while he worked at Sailing school for children and teenagers. Near the wall of this school stand huge anchor. It was so huge as two-storied house. It is amazing filling to stand near and to touch such great metal construction! I couldn't imagine how huge the ship must be!
Thinking of my friends I made cute summer earrings with anchors. They are wonderful summer accessories. I'll wear them all my vacation on the seaside. And I'll be thinking about my dear friends all the time ;)
And here is pendant perfectly match them.
Have a wonderful summer!



  1. а у меня нет ни одного человека в окружении, кто был бы моряком( я безумно люблю большую воду (при этом жуть как боюсь глубины, несмотря на кмс по плаванию - да, такой парадокс))), но выйти в море мне удавалось только по "работе", а не по собственному желанию.
    Работы чудесны!

  2. A wonderful post and lovely embroidery. great job, Natalka!

  3. Beautiful anchors! I like this embroidery earrings!

  4. They are so pretty! They would be perfect gift for any sailor girl :)