Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Weekend's Shopping! - Felted accessories by Lena Baymut

My Etsy teammate Lena from Baymut on Etsy have her fitst giveaway ever! I want to invite you to take your chance in it on Etsy Russian Team blog.

 Meantime I show you some of her work which I think just wonderful and tell you a bit about the artist.

Lena is living close to me depends where you live. She is from Lugansk, the East part of Ukraine. If we'll want to meet we must spend half of day or even more in road. But still we live in same country.

Here what she says about her creations:
  "I make my designs using wool and felt dry and wet techniques. My art which I absolutely love gives me so much freedom where my imagination never stops. Wool is a very plastic material which makes it possible to create anything imaginable. Things turn out warm, cozy and bewitching."


Lena is the mother of two beautiful girls. One of them you can see as the model on the photos of Lena's felt girl's dresses. It makes us closer because little Vera is elder than my son Oleg on 8 days.

Here what she says about felting technique:
"I use a very gentle felting technique, which preserves the natural properties of the wool. Natural wool possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, as well as soothing lanolin. An excellent insulator in cold weather, wool breathes when you are warm. Soft and lightweight, you will not want to take off this beautiful accessory!"

If you are interesting to buy her wonderful scarves, brooches, mittens or tops just visit her Etsy shop.

Have a nice Sunday!


  1. You are right! Her work is simply gorgeous! :)

  2. Natalka, thank you very much for sharing my shop. Love your blog and your finds are wonderful as always.
    Have a nice week,

  3. Fantastic works! Very tender, cute and beautiful!!!