Friday, May 18, 2012

Tutorial: How to make an ideal back for your cross stitch

For some project the ideal back is very important. Recently I've made a custom order with handkerchiefs. Of course, the back side must be perfect, you can't hide one side of handkerchief and don't show it anyone.
So here the tutorial how I made it.
You'll need very thin needle. I used needle for beading for smallest beads. If you find it hard to stitch with this needle for the start you can use the regular one. I stabbed my fingers with it, it is not the funniest thing.
Start you embroidery leaving the end of the thread on the front side in the upper left corner of cross stitch:
Hide it beneath your next stitches:

Stitch all pattern or before you have 10 cm thread. If you use regular needle it is time to cut the thread near eye of needle and take the thin one.
Very carefully thread the needle under few stitches:
Extend the needle and all thread:
And cut the thread carefully near the stitch:
Now your front and back sides looked perfect:

And here is finished design:

Good luck with crafting!


  1. Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Thank you, my backs always look terrible (sad to say). I am so grateful to read your blog and find answers to questions I never knew I had! I would like to honor you with a Liebster Award. Please check for more details, and thanks again!