Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring post cards exchange

You know there is th team on Etsy which called Russian Artists. Members of this team are russianspeakers. So, almost all members knew and celebrate such holiday as 8th of March. This is The International Women's Day but it is well-known only in Eastern Europe and post-soviet countries. 
Some of my fellow team members live in America and there families don't celebrate such holiday. And Albina from AroundBeads came up with a great idea of writing a few with warm words about spring to a few members of our team.
I've received three amazing post cards from my Russian Artists fellow team members. I got beautiful cards from Natalia from HansHolzkopf, Tonya Utkina (our captain) and Svetlana from NesJewelry. It was a surprise, because I did not knew from whom I would get my cards.

Thank you so much for wonderful cards and your sincere and kind words!!!